Od początku
inwazji Rosji na Ukrainę,
wspieramy ofiary

Weʼre raising £500,000 to Help Ukrainian Refugees


We are non profit volunteering organisation providing Aid for the Ukrainian Refugees during the Russian Invasion on the Ukraine in 2022.

Up-to-date information on donation collection for Ukraine in Southampton.

A daily report on the current status of the donation collection, we encourage you to follow the information on our blog

 Opening Times:

  • Wednesday 5pm-7pm
  • Thursday 1pm-7pm
  • Friday 4:30pm-7pm
  • Saturday 10am-3pm.

Together with our contact and organisations in Poland as well as Ukraine we have updated list of current needs:

  • Meat and fish cans
  • Dry food
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Coffee
  • tea
  • Medical supplies,
  • Baby food and milk
  • Flashlights, batteries